ABS 2016 Memberships Renewals Now Open!

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The Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS) membership renewals for 2016. are now open! ABS memberships follow the calendar year, whereby the annual memberships are due to expire on December 31st, 2015. We strongly encourage you to renew your membership already now in order to ensure that your Member benefits continue uninterrupted.

Your membership is very important to us, as it plays a major part in our collective efforts to keep our association dynamic and in order for us to provide you further services and benefits. This year, we are making extra efforts to support student participation and broadening the field of border studies beyond its conventional base. Your membership payment will help us greatly towards this end.

Member benefits include access to the latest research through our primary publication, the Journal of Borderlands Studies, published four times a year, unlimited access to an online database of archived volumes of the Journal of Borderlands Studies, access to participation at the Annual Conference, the ABS newsletter “La Frontera”, important networking and other professional opportunities. You can access the journal by logging into the ABS Selfcare (after making the payment) – just look for the link on the left. Even more importantly, your membership allows you to participate in the governance the association. As a member, you are entitled to vote in ABS elections and eligible to serve in the various committees of the association, which means that you will have an opportunity to influence the future direction of ABS, and through that also the future of the broader field of Borders Studies!

Please take a moment to renew your membership now.

If are not yet a member but wish to join, or if you have any questions about your membership, please contact the ABS Executive Secretariat: absexec@uef.fi   The membership categories for 2015 are as follows:

  • Regular (JBS online only) 48 € – default
  • Regular (JBS online + print copy) 72 €
  • Non-OECD (JBS online only) 35 €
  • Non-OECD (JBS online + print copy) 55 €
  • Student (JBS online only) 20 €
  • Student (JBS online + print copy) 40 €
  • Lifetime (JBS online + print copy) 650 €
  • (Voluntary contribution 20 €)*

*) in addition to your membership fee, you can now make also a voluntary contribution of 20 EUR to support student participation through the Self Care system. The received contributions will be used towards new student memberships. You may either let us know for whom your contribution is meant, or allow the Board of the ABS to make the decision based on the requests received.

Log in to ABS Self Care system with your email address (which you have in our files) and your password to make the payment.   Please see the detailed instructions at the end of this message about how to make the payment.

If you have not used this system before or have forgotten your password, please enter you email address and click the “Have you forgotten your password?” link. A new password will be email to you.

New Members: Please contact the ABS secretariat (absexec@uef.fi) to obtain your username and password.  Please also specify which type of membership you are applying for.

Membership fees may be paid online with VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB and JCB. You can also make the payment through PayPal or Finnish Online Banks. Should you rather make the payment through other means, please contact us: absexec@uef.fi.

How to make the payment

  1. Log in here with your username and password
  2. Enter/update your personal info
  3. Choose “Membership” from the menu on the left
  4. Choose the correct membership type: Regular*, non-OECD** or student***. You can also choose to purchase a lifetime membership that includes a hard copy subscription for the JBS! If you choose to receive a hard copy subscription, please make sure that you also enter you up-to-date mailing address.
  5. Click “Change the data” button
  6. Open the “Payments” tab (top of the page, on blue background)
  7. You will now see the fare that you have chosen with the note “Waiting for the payment”
  8. Select payment method by clicking the bank/credit card company logos at the end of the page. You will be taken to the Paytrail site, where you can make your payment securely. Paytrail Plc is a payment institution, which is supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.
  9. Follow the instruction provided by the selected service provider. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB and JCB****. You can also make the payment through PayPal. Should you have Finnish online bank codes, you can also choose to make the payment through your bank by clicking the appropriate logo.
  10. Please remember to click the link “Return to the seller’s service” as soon as you have finished the payment.

  *) For regular members from the OECD countries. **) If you are not from one of the OECD countries, you are welcome to choose this discounted fare. ***) ABS is glad to offer a heavily discounted fare for students. You must be a full-time student to enroll for the student membership. ****) The transaction will be initiated from Finland. If you are using a card that requires a preapproval for foreign transactions, please contact your bank/credit card company before making the payment. Should you rather prefer to fill out a paper credit card authorization form and mail it to us, do let us know. We also accept payments made by a bank transfer. Just contact us for more the details.

At your service, The ABS Executive Secretary

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