ABS World Conference: Call for Student Participation

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ABS extends a special invitation to students who are interested in borderland issues to take part in our upcoming meeting in Joensuu, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia, 9-13 June 2014.
Towards this goal, we are happy to announce a Student Paper Competition in which three awards worth 500 EUR each will be offered to the best student papers presented at the conference.
The specific guidelines of this paper competition are as follows:


  1. Papers must be sole-authored by the student submitting the paper, not co-authored with a faculty advisor or other student(s).
  2. Papers must be original work developed as a conference research paper, not a project report for funded work.
  3. Manuscripts should be no longer than 7,000 words not including tables/references/figure captions. For further guidelines, please follow the guidelines of Journal of Borderland Studies; consult http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rjbs20#.UjdNR2QY140 for these formal guidelines.
  4. Papers are accepted only in English.
  5. Students must present the paper at the conference to qualify for the prizes.
  6. Students must also be full time students and current members of the ABS at the time of the conference, although students can certainly join as part of the registration process.
  7. Students must submit a typed, professional quality manuscript via EMAIL communication to Dr. Jussi Laine, at jussi.laine@uef.fi by April 18, 2014. Members of the Committee on Student Participation will evaluate the written document towards the award of the prize, yet the organizers reserves the right not to grant prizes if papers are not of adequate professional quality.


For further information, updates regarding the conference, and to download forms for submitting proposals, please see the conference website at: www.uef.fi/abs2014world

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