Call for Proposals to Serve as the ABS Executive Secretary and Treasurer

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C a l l f o r P r o p o s a l s

The Executive Officers and the Board of the Association for Borderlands Studies invite interested institutions to submit proposals to serve as Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the organization. The new Executive Secretary and Treasurer will be charged with the following duties:

  1. Maintain the Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS) Membership List.
  2. Maintain the listserv, adding new names and email addresses and make changes when pertinent.
  3. Work with the Board and Executive Officers to increase the membership of the organization.
  4. Collect the membership dues during the year, before each conference, and during the conference. A well functioning online payment system must be created for the purpose.
  5. Maintain the financial records of the organization, which are subject to annual audit by the Board of the Association for Borderlands Studies.
  6. Provide regular financial reports including an annual report at the April meeting of the organization to the Executive Officers and Board of ABS.
  7. Manage the finances of the Journal of Borderlands Studies and serve as primary contact with the journal’s publisher. The interaction with the Publisher of JBS includes:
    1. a.     Providing Routledge with a list of ABS members and mailing addresses
    2. b.     Updating the ABS members list for the publisher
    3. c.      Providing Routledge with the final total list of ABS members who received the journal the previous year in order to calculate the payment that ABS must make to Routledge
    4. d.     Look after the inventory of all journal volumes before Routledge took over publication of the JBS
    5. e.      Mailing, accepting payment, and shipping single JBS purchases
    6. Update, maintain and develop the ABS’s website (www.absborderlands.org).
    7. Produce and electronically distribute the biannual ABS newsletter, La Frontera.
    8. Distribute announcements and notifications to the membership list.
    9. Discharge all other duties as stated in the bylaws of the ABS.

The Executive Officers and the Board look forward to entering into discussions about ways in which the new hosting institution and the new Executive Secretary and Treasurer could contribute to maintain and expand the organization. Interested parties are required to commit to:

  1. Providing space to host the operations of the organization.
  2. Providing a computer and other technical equipment to maintain the organization’s records, including a backup of all organizational files.
  3. Providing competent staff support dedicated to the tasks outlined above.

Proposals should include a letter of support signed by the President of the hosting institution, expressing the appropriate commitments and a plan of action to fulfill these duties.   The deadline for submitting a statement of interest:            April 8, 2016 The deadline for submitting a full proposal:            September 30, 2016   The term of the new Executive Secretary and Treasurer will begin officially on June 1, 2017.   Statements of interest and full proposals should be submitted by aforementioned deadlines to the president of the Association for Borderlands Studies:   Dr. Akihiro Iwashista Email: iwasi@slav.hokudai.ac.jp Tel: +81-11-706-2388 Fax: +81-11-706-4952

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