Membership Benefits

It is an exciting time to join the ABS. Interest in our field of work is growing, and the need for knowledge and expertise on borders and transborder processes and communities is increasing in universities, government, community organizations, multilateral institutions, and the private sector.

When you join the ABS, you become part of an active community of border scholars and practitioners. As a member, you can:

  • Meet and be part of an international network of border scholars, educators, and practitioners;
  • Learn about the latest approaches, methods, and techniques used in disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and applied border studies;
  • Develop your professional skills and advance your career as researcher, educator, or expert on border issues;
  • Access to past issues and the most current issue of the Journal of Borderlands Studies, published by the ABS four times a year.
  • Get updates about upcoming conferences, workshops, publications, and other events through La Frontera, the ABS official newsletter.
  • Participate in the ABS Annual Conference and the ABS World Conference.

In addition, all regular members can nominate candidates and vote for officers, hold offices, and participate in meetings, programs, and other activities and services of the ABS and its regional sections in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


(Fees are paid for a calendar year based on the following membership options)


Beneficios de la membresía

Es un momento muy propicio para afiliarse a la ABS. El interés en nuestro campo de trabajo está aumentando, y la necesidad de conocimiento y experiencia sobre los temas de fronteras y los procesos y comunidades transfronterizas está creciendo en universidades, gobiernos, organizaciones comunitarias, instituciones multilaterales,  y el sector privado.

Al afiliarte a la ABS, te conviertes en miembro de una comunidad activa de académicos y profesionales. Como miembro de la ABS, podrás:

  • Conocer y ser miembro de una red internacional de investigadores, educadores y profesionistas en el campo de los estudios fronterizos;
  • Aprender sobre los enfoques, métodos y técnicas de investigación usados recientemente en estudios disciplinarios, multidisciplinarios, y aplicados en el campo de los estudios fronterizos;
  • Actualizar tus habilidades profesionales y avanzar tu carrera como investigador, docente, o experto en temas fronterizos;
  • Accesar en línea al Journal of Borderland Studies, publicado por la ABS cuatro veces al año;
  • Mantenerte actualizado sobre conferencias, talleres, publicaciones, y otros eventos a través de La Frontera, el boletín oficial de la ABS;
  • Participar en la Conferencia Anual de la ABS y en la Conferencia Mundial de la ABS.

Además, todos los miembros regulares pueden nominar candidatos, elegir y ser elegidos como oficiales de la asociación, y participar en reuniones, programas, y otras actividades y servicios de la ABS y sus secciones regionales en Europa, Latino América y Asia.


(La membresía cubre un año calendario en base a las siguientes opciones)

Payment Options

The following payment options all operate through PayPal, you can submit your payment with a credit/debit card without a PayPal account or use your account to make your payment. If you do not have a PayPal account or credit/debit card ABS also accepts checks, made payable to Association of Borderlands Studies. You can mail your check to:

School of Transborder Studies
Attn: Association for Borderlands Studies
P.O. Box 876303
Tempe, AZ 85287-6303

Please email absborderlands@asu.edu with any questions you may have regarding payment and membership.

Journal of Borderlands Study Access

As a member of the Association for Borderland Studies, you are entitled to free online access to the Journal of Borderlands Studies.To access the Journal please login to the ABS Members Area. If you are not an ABS Member, submit your payment and you will be sent login credentials. Email absborderlands@asu.edu with any questions or issues.

ABS Events & Conferences Fees Disclaimer

The Membership Dues outlined above do not cover the cost of associated, partnered, or external events and conferences advertised or promoted by the Association for Borderlands Studies including but not limited to events and conferences fees and registrations or other costs required. Please see the Meetings section for more information on ABS and ABS Members events and conferences.

Please email absborderlands@asu.edu for any questions you may have on events and conferences fees and registrations.

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