ABS World Conference



Pluralities and Scales

February 13-18, 2023


ABS World Conference

The 3rd. ABS World Conference will be held at the Elat Campus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in the south of Israel. The town of Eilat is located at the meeting of three borders – Egypt (Taba), Jordan (Aqaba) and Israel (Eilat) – and just a few kilometers north of the border between Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  Israel-Palestine is located at the interface of borders, continents and cultures, and sessions will be devoted to the sensitive Geopolitics of this region at local and national scales.


The ABS World Conference aims to foster dialogue and exchange among networks, institutions, and associations conducting academic or applied research on border issues. The First ABS World Conference was held in 2014 at the Joensuu Campus of the University of Eastern Finland in partnership with St. Petersburg University, Russia. The Second ABS World Conference was held at the University of Vienna, Austria, in collaboration with the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, in July 2018.